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The Powerful Seduction Subliminal Video features images of beautiful women, mostly on the beach, in swimsuits.  The theme is seduction, and how seductive you are!  The commands seem to be generic enough to work for women attracting men, as well as men attracting women, etc.  Also, they seem geared toward either attracting new people, or spicing up an existing relationship.  Use this video to be seductive in all aspects of life!

NOTE: This video is the SAME VIDEO as the Angelic Attraction I / 1 video.

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Angelic Attraction I 

The Powerful Seduction

Subliminal Video

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"Meditate the power of a Guardian Angel to help manifest positive change in your life!"

Subliminal Video Messages, founded and created by Nelson Berry, are an exciting new technology to multiply your manifesting efforts exponentially! 

Beautiful images, related to the theme of the video, are presented like a slideshow, while text of various statements and suggestions, flashes very quickly, imprinting the ideas on your subconscious mind, almost effortlessly.  You don't need to be concerned with reading the text; in fact, it works better if you don't consciously pay attention to it.  Meanwhile, the soundtracks, containing relaxing nature sounds, dynamic music, or both, conceal subliminal audio of the same suggestions, that you will probably not consciously hear. 

Watch, listen, relax.

With Subliminal Video Messages, you can easily:

 Overcome past negative programming

Increase self esteem and self confidence

Develop the mirror emotion of ALREADY HAVING IT (a           crucial element of manifesting)


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